Southport Flower show 2013 – awarded a LARGE GOLD medal

The theme was ‘Pride’

The most positive meaning of PRIDE refers to a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in our own achievements

Here in the Lancashire and North West Area group of the Cottage Garden Society we take great PRIDE in the following:-

A flourishing membership of over 100
● Interesting monthly meetings with knowledgeable speakers
● Enjoyable garden visits and a summer garden party
● A successful annual Plant Sale
● A twice-yearly magazine brim-full of news, articles, tips, recipes and details of forthcoming events
● An attractive venue and
● A hard working committee

Many cottage dwellers would aim to be self-sufficient, growing flowers, vegetables, fruit and maybe keeping bees or chickens.

The plants we have chosen include phlox, antirrhinums, dahlias, cosmos, and delphiniums – old favourites of cottage gardens. The air would smell sweetly of phlox, sweet peas and roses.

Herbs would play an important part and lavender would hum with bees on warm sunny days. Vegetables and fruit would be grown and stored or preserved for the cold days of the winter months.

In this garden we have tried to recreate a typical cottage garden. We hope that you enjoy it.